Ad-words Guarantee

The average Ad-words Campaign wastes 2/3rds of its budget

Our Three-Part Iron Clad, Ad-Words Guarantee

More cost-effective to hire us

It will be more cost-effective to hire us than if you were to pay google directly or use any other agency. We have the knowledge and skills to reduce your cost-per-click and improve your qualmore cost-effective to hire usity score so effectively our fee is paid by the cost savings you make.

We will make you money.

We will make you money. We set milestones for what we will achieve together in the next 30, 60 and 90 days and if we don't hit them we will give you back 100% of your fee. We aim to bring you a ROI of at least €3 for every €1 you spend with us.

No Fixed Contracts

We don't do contracts. Ever. We keep you as a customer by making you many times more money than you pay us. If you want to leave for any reason (or no reason at all) you can, we will even pay you a €500 "inconvenience" bonus for wasting your time.

How can we offer such an incredible guarantee?

It's simple.


Google adwords is the most predictable, controllable advertising platform ever created. (It's the reason google is a 400bn+ company)


We do our research, we look at your account and your competitors ads, we know, in advance, what results we can bring you. We also know how much sharper our digital marketing skills are compared with the other agencies.


Now we could spend time trying to convince you of that. Or we could just put our money on the line.


As a small business owner, you need a marketing partner you can trust and the fastest way to get your trust is to put our own cash on the line. Simple as that.


Our goal is to make you more money, and we won’t accept your money if we’re not fulfilling that goal. 


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